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Determination Keys

Since the moss flora (Amann & Meylan 1918) and the liverwort flora (1924) of Switzerland are somewhat out of date, it can be a laborious task to determine bryophytes from Switzerland, in particular alpine species and species from southern Switzerland close to the italian border. That's why we would like to start a collection of determination keys which includes all species known from Switzerland. This collection is open for everybody and we appreciate any contributions. If you would like to place a key on this page, don't hesitate to contact the webmaster (Markus Gabathuler). The keys may be written in English, German, French or Italian. More determination keys on the website of Swissbryophytes.

Determination keys in special issues of the Meylania:


Spell checker for bryophyte names: data file compiled by Niklaus Müller containing the names of all bryophytes occuring in Switzerland. To be installed in MS Word. For more information see help in MS Word and the Editorial in Meylania 27 (download)

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