Founded in 1956, the Swiss Association of Bryology and Lichenology (BRYOLICH) is devoted to the study and conservation of bryophytes and lichens and it supports research and education in bryology and lichenology especially in Switzerland. Approximately 250 individuals worldwide, both amateurs and professionals, held membership in the society. Since 1992, BRYOLICH is a member of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SAS).

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Lichen of the Year 2017

Variospora flavescens (Hepps Schönfleck)

Foto: Wolfgang von Brackel

Moss of the Year 2017

Ctenidium molluscum (Chalk Comb Moss)

Foto: Heike Hofmann

Flechte des Jahres 2017; © Wolfgang von Brackel

Moos des Jahres 2017; © Heike Hofmann

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